“Shellie's knowledge and psychological insight is profoundly honest. With her excellent teaching of the Alexander Technique I have noticed great results in dancers as well as in musicians.”

Vivi Flindt

Director of Bartholin International Seminar

Royal Danish Ballet

Photo by Terri Anne Duyser

Group AT Workshops

Typical AT Workshops consist of a two-hour Master Class, followed by AT instruction customized to  organization and individual needs.


Format could include any combination of verbal instruction, video, demonstration, hands-on guidance, visual aids, simulations, and real-time activity work.


Common learning objectives include a greater understanding of the history and fundamentals of the Alexander Technique, as well as how best to apply them amidst current challenges… essentially discovering ways to reach optimal performance states.



Sample workshops:


General Business:  Introducing AT as a strategy for shifting teams or entire organizations to a culture of greater mindfulness, awareness, intention, and perseverance.


Professional Services: Sharing AT as a crucial tool for performing repetitive activity at a high level of proficiency (e.g., healthcare practitioners, call center representatives, computer/technology operators, etc.)


Management Development: Using AT to show up at one’s best while leading and influencing others.


Dance: AT applied to a traditional dance technique class or rehearsal setting (i.e., classical ballet, pointe, variations, modern, jazz, etc.) to improve technique and unlock both individual and collective potential.


Musical and Vocal Arts: AT instruction applied while learning/rehearsing repertoire to improve technique and enhance overall performance quality (superior  sound, natural presence, etc.).


Athletics and Movement for Health: Applied to virtually any sport or movement based activity to improve efficiency and performance

Individual AT Lessons

One-on-one, half-hour or one-hour sessions. Utilizing the same delivery format and learning objectives above.

Dance Residencies

Master Teacher for classical ballet, pointe and variations (men and women) and modern dance technique classes.


Private Coach for any of the above dance genres.


Commissioned Choreography in classical, neo-classical, contemporary and modern dance idioms.