“I wish I had incorporated The Alexander Technique earlier. As a successful entrepreneur and past Bellsouth executive, understanding how your body connects with your mind and actions can be paramount to your success.”

Lisa Almeida

CEO, Freedom Boat Club,


What is the Alexander Technique?

In 1893, Australian actor F.M. Alexander began a self-study of his chronic laryngitis that threatened his career. He discovered by un-doing disruptive patterns of body use, he could reverse that debilitating condition. Over the subsequent 35 years, he refined and shared his knowledge to advance one of the most profound somatic studies in the world.


The Alexander Technique is a powerful way to enhance presence—our movement and our intention—enabling us to function physically and mentally with greater ease and effectiveness.


The Technique is taught through individual lessons or group sessions, including instruction and hands-on assistance from the teacher while students apply principles of kinesthetic awareness and redirection.


This simple but powerful educational process empowers students to return to inherent alignment, which in turn elevates balance, coordination, and thinking.


 Alexander Technique is a cornerstone in many prestigious performing arts institutions, and is now entering  corporations and other business practices in the realm of professional and leadership development.


A growing body of scientific research further substantiates and illuminates its powerful effects.  Click here to see an example of research published from the British Medical Journal.

Photo by Pat Cash