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Performing Arts Testimonials

”I believe Shellie Cash’s Alexander Technique work combined with her personal approach provide results that are very difficult to replicate. She is the missing link for successful leaders who need to raise their game on how they show up as corporate athletes.  I’m an executive coach and performance improvement expert, and the leaders I work with are already incredibly successful. Yet competitive differentiation requires more… employees and shareholders need and expect the "whole" leader.  Shellie is able to help them address the gap around "how they show up" in such areas as presence, confidence, positioning, power and balance.   In short, she’s an expert in how to hone skills that end up being the difference in fully succeeding versus not.”


Karen Steadman, Founder, Leadership Futures, Inc.

”Miss Shellie Cash conducted three days of Alexander Technique Classes at the Joffrey Ballet School, New York. In these she explained the basic background and principles of the technique, and how they related to the teaching and learning of ballet. She worked closely with our faculty, who found her interaction with their teaching both informative and inspiring. Her positive energy enthused us all, and the students were very receptive to her tuition. Making kinesthetic and anatomical sense of ballet alignment and movement was the essential ingredient of her workshops. We hope she will return soon, and spend longer time with us."


Robert Ray, M.A., Artistic Director, Joffrey Ballet School, New York