What Are Some Benefits of the Alexander Technique?

• Reduced physical and emotional tension

• Better pain management (TMJ, migraines, back pain, tendonitis, etc.)

• Greater efficiency, freedom and ease of movement

• Improved core support, balance and coordination

• Increased flexibility and range of motion

• More fluid and compelling physical presence

• Clearer and more grounded thinking

• Outcomes that reflect mindfulness and intentionality

Who Can Benefit?

Dawn Posey

Professional Violinist

• Performing Artists needing to attain consistency in technical execution while allowing artistic sensibilities to shine through

• Leaders and Managers wanting to optimize their energy and cognitive ability, even under duress

• Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts seeking better performance results with reduced strain and injury

• Speakers wanting to boost presence with a more cogent delivery that projects confidence and credibility

• Healthcare Professionals needing to sustain high skill amidst demanding and/or repetitive movement and positions.

• Virtually anyone preferring an easier and more effective way of being and doing.